diskGO® Secure Portable USB Hard Drive

Category: External Storage

External hard drives are ideal for use on a desk or other workspace and offer large capacity option.  Each hard drive is manufactured using only durable, high-quality aluminum for the enclosure—no cheap plastic casings.

Data security concerns on portable storage devices are at an all-time high—it has become increasingly important for corporate users to encrypt data on such devices.  The diskGO® Secure Portable Hard Drive is the perfect solution for these users seeking a fully encrypted storage product.

Utilizing government standard 256-bit AES hardware encryption, the diskGO Secure Hard Drive is an elite security option.  Unlike software encryption, the specially designed hardware encryption controller encrypts data fast and on-the-fly with no noticeable slowdown in data transfer rates. The encryption is also 100% mandatory—it is impossible to store or access data on the device without the users password.  To prevent the creation of perceivably obvious passwords, complex passwords are required for setup.  As an added level of protection, personal files are erased automatically after eight consecutive failed password attempts. 

Using the diskGO Secure Hard Drive is an easy, user-friendly experience—just follow the wizard using the supplied setup disc to get started.  After completion, only the diskGO Secure Hard Drive is needed for use—no software to install and it can be used on both Windows and Mac computers.

When an encrypted portable storage solution is needed, the diskGO Secure Hard Drive is a smart choice.

Goverment standard 256-bit AES hardware encryption provides elite data protection

Mandatory file encryption ensures 100% of stored files are secure

Complex passwords required for an extra level of security

Personal data is automatically erased after eight consecutive failed password attempts to prevent login via brute force hacking methods

Cross compatible with PC and Macs*

Rugged aluminum enclosure provides cooling and durability

Included software runs directly from the diskGO Secure Hard Drive—no need to install to the computer's hard drive

Includes simple, easy-to-use software for set up and use

*Device must first be set up under Windows before using on a Mac



320GB / 500GB / 1TB


11.5cm x 7.7cm x1.4cm


0.6 lbs

Power Source

USB Powered

Operating Temperature

5°C - 35°C

Storage Temperature

-20°C - 50°C

Encryption Level

256-bit AES hardware encryption


Three years and toll-free tech support

What’s in the box

diskGO Secure Hard Drive, USB cable, setup disc, and user manual

*Some capacity used for formatting and not available for storage







Windows XP and higher (excludes Windows Server) / Mac OS X 10.5 and higher**


USB 2.0***

File System

NTFS or FAT32 (user defined during setup)

**Device must first be set up under Windows before using on a Mac

***Also works with USB 3.0 computers and other host devices


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