Server / Data Center RAM

At EDGE, we specialize in server memory and storage for mid-level to enterprise IT infrastructure. It isn’t just a specialty, it is our passion.  Our award winning engineering team is focused daily on understanding the most critical IT challenges and staying on the cutting-edge of new server technology.

With over 30 years of industry experience, we understand that every server environment can be different and each company has their own unique set of challenges and goals. The EDGE team will work closely with you to guarantee the best upgrade solution for your system needs.

Award-Winning Engineering:

All EDGE server memory is engineered and specifically designed to meet exact OEM specifications.  EDGE engineers test modules throughout the design and production processes to ensure each piece memory is functioning correctly. 

Note: Module platform testing is performed with the most common motherboards, operating systems, and applications. Talk to your EDGE sales representative if you have specific testing needs.


EDGE server RAM is produced in our ISO-9001:2008 manufacturing facility, one of the largest DRAM and SSD SMT assembly lines in North America.  As a Tier-One manufacturer, we use only top-quality components and purchase directly from DRAM chip manufacturers.  

Our U.S.-based engineering, sales, and support allow EDGE to easily customize projects, work directly with in-house engineers and provide quick delivery to all areas.

Quality & Testing:

We understand that server upgrades are mission critical to your business.  All EDGE server modules undergo a rigorous testing process to guarantee compatibility and performance. We are continually adding the newest server platforms and testing technology to our facility.  For critical projects, our expert engineers and quality technicians can test modules in the system environment in which it will ultimately be used.  Ask your EDGE sales representative for more details.

Warranty and Technical Support:

As a Tier-One Manufacturer, EDGE products are built to last. All EDGE server memory is backed by our lifetime warranty and toll-free technical support.  You can rest easy knowing our team of experts is here for you before and after installation.

Evaluation Program:

We understand that actions speak louder than words.  We’re confident that your experience with EDGE server memory will speak for itself.  If you would like to test EDGE memory in one of your servers, call us at (800) 259-8989.  An EDGE Account Manager can help you setup an evaluation module and discuss your needs today.

Will EDGE Memory void my existing system warranty?

No. You are protected by The Magnuson Moss Act, a federal law passed by Congress in 1975 to govern customer product warranties.  Many companies will use misleading verbiage or marketing tactics to scare consumers away from purchasing third-party memory, however:

Know the facts:

1.)  The Act requires manufacturers and consumer product retailers to provide information about warranty coverage.

2.)  The Act states that tie-in sales provisions are not allowed in consumer warranties.  Manufacturers cannot require consumers to purchase specific items or services in order to keep their warranty valid.

For information on where to buy EDGE Server Memory, please click here or call us at (800) 259-8989.