Crucial vs EDGE Server Grade Memory: Inside Industry News

"EDGE wins our ROUND UP, and that should be enough to convince admins to take the plunge." - Inside Industry News

Crucial CT16G3ERSLD4160B vs EDGE PE232160 Server Grade Memory

You feel like you just bought the fastest (and most expensive) Server platform on the planet. Which company’s memory will you use to populate your server? We tested 2 purportedly high-end kits in order to find out which set is the best.

Anyone willing to drop a couple thousand dollars on a Server probably wants to match it up to the best possible memory kit. How are we to know which kit is the best, though?

We left it up to manufacturers to decide which 16GB kit they thought would be best, making it clear that our judgment would be balanced between Performance, Pricing, and Latencies.

With such terms for qualification, we ended up with one EDGE 16 GB kit (made up of one 16GB module) and a Crucial 16 GB kit kit (made up of one 16GB module), rated at DDR3-1600, and with extremely similar specs. Read More.