The SSD Review - diskGO Pocket USB 3.0 SSD Product Review

Check out the awesome review of the EDGE diskGO Pocket USB 3.0 SSD. It won the Technology X Innovation award! Smaller than a credit card, the diskGO Pocket SSD is one of the smallest portable SSD solutions available. Transfer large files effortlessly in lightning fast speeds.

Summary : The Edge Memory diskGO Pocket mSATA SSD enclosure is a phenomenal option to re-purpose your old mSATA SSD, or to purchase with the Edge Boost Pro mSATA SSD included. This just mighty be the smallest and most powerful external storage medium available.

How often do you find yourself buying a new component or even SSD for your computer, and just placing the old part in the packaging? Where it sits until one day your friend tells you that they could use that component, and you have a chance to make a few dollars from it. Well, imagine upgrading the mSATA SSD in your ultra book, only to find that you literally have no use for the old mSATA drive other than to hold up a desk.  Better yet, imagine buying the worlds smallest and fastest SSD enclosure with a SSD already included?

For those with an extra mSATA SSD lying around, EDGE Memory, has created a solution for your ultra book mSATA drive replacement that is extremely easy and convenient. The diskGO Pocket USB 3.0 mSATA SSD Enclosure gives your mSATA a new life, by giving you a new external SSD. Conversely, if you just want the smallest and fastest performing external storage device on the planet, this enclosure can also be purchased with the EDGE Boost Pro SATA 3 mSATA SSD in capacities of 60, 120 and and 240 GB.

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