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Whether you're purchasing 5,000 upgrades for a university or just a few for a preschool classroom, our EDGE team makes the process go more smoothly. Our team is dedicated to making sure we're doing all we can to meet the unique needs of government and education customers like you.

At EDGE memory we offer a wide range of IT and telecommunications hardware and services for one-off purchases or as part of a total IT solution, including:

     Solid State Drives (SATA, NVMe, and Custom)
     Memory (RAM);
     USB Flash Drives
     Flash Cards`
     Premium SFP Networking Transceivers
     SI Services (System Integration Services)

All products are built with top-quality components and rigorously tested for functionality and compatibility in specific OEM machines.  You can rest easy knowing you are getting a quality product at a great price.  Contact your EDGE Account Manager for more details today at (800) 259-8989.